Helen Keller
Margaret Davidson
Scholastic, Inc.
Pub. Date: April 1989
Age Range: 7 to 10

This story is a biography of Helen Keller. It tells a simple account of her life as a deaf, blind and mute person. There are struggles and triumphs as you experience with Helen what it is like for her growing up in a dark quiet world. This story also explains how important Helen’s teacher Annie Sullivan was in her life and education. Helen lived to be a brilliant student, author and speaker. - JK

Mark Twain: The Man and His Adventures
Richard B. Lyttle
Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
Pub. Date: October 1994
Age Range: 10 to 12

Everyone has heard of the classic novels The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin by Mark Twain. But what about the man behind the books? What was his life like? What led him to write these two classics? Mark Twain, whose real name was Samuel Clemens had many hardships throughout his life, and he had many people encourage him in his writing career. Discover the life story of the man behind the classics. - AB

Martin Luther-A Man Who Changed the World

Paul L. Maier; Illustrated by Greg Copeland
Concordia Publishing House
Pub. Date: July 2004

Martin Luther-A Man Who Changed the World is the brilliantly illustrated book written by Paul L. Maier and illustrated by Greg Copeland. This book, though a little wordy, is a great way to give children some insight into history and the beginning of the Lutheran church. I would recommend this book to upper elementary ages, just because it is so much to read. Although the pictures are beautiful, I don't think that the word-to-picture ratio is high enough to hold a young child's attention. - KH

The Royal Diaries: Marie Antoinette, Princess of Versailles
Kathryn Lasky
Scholastic, Inc.
Pub. Date: April 2000
Age Range: 9 to 12

This is the story of Marie Antoinette. She is only thirteen when her marriage to Louis XVI of France is arranged. This book is a fictional diary of Marie Antionette’s life as it builds up to her wedding. She talks about her mother and how it is difficult to deal with her sometimes. She talks of her brothers and sisters, and the marriages that have been arranged for them. She deals with death that happens in the family. On top of all of this, she must leave her home to go and live in France with a man and family that she has never met. She is excited to finally receive a portrait of her future husband. But that is all she has. She wonders if they will be friends. She is scared of her future. She is glad for the diary that she has so she can write down her feelings privately so that no one, especially her mother, can see what she is thinking and feeling. Over time, Marie Antoinette learns to be a lady and learns how a queen must act. She grows up very quickly under the watchful and critical eye of her mother. - JH

Searching for Anne Frank: Letters from Amsterdam to Iowa
Susan Goldman Rubin
Abrams,Harry N Inc
Pub. Date: September 2003
Age Range: 9 to 12

Many people have read Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl – the story of Anne Frank as written by her. However, a majority of people never realized that Anne Frank was part of an international pen-pal program before letter writing was prohibited by the Germans. Anne’s pen-pal, Juanita, was a young girl from Iowa. Though she only received a few letters and pictures from Anne, she often thought about her during the war. It was not until long after the war – when a play came out depicting Anne’s story – that Juanita realized what happened to her beloved pen-pal. This book reflects the true story of these two young girls – what happened to each of them in their respective countries during the war. Find out what happened during their interactions and how each responded to the war at hand. - AB

The Story of George Washington Carver
Eva Moore, Alexander Anderson
Scholastic, Inc.
Pub. Date: February 1990
Age Range: 9 to 12

This book tells the story of George Washington Carver’s life in great detail. It talks about him learning how to read, being one of the first black man to graduate from college. It shows the process from his childhood to adulthood in becoming what we know him as told (the peanut man) and more. - RC