Bridge to Terabithia
Katherine Paterson

Annotated Bibliography

All summer, Jess Aarons has been working towards one goal: to be the fastest runner in fifth grade. Every morning, he would get up as soon as his dad left for work and run in the pasture until one day, all of this changed. A new family had moved in up the street, and the young girl that lived there met Jess on one of his runs. He hates her at first, especially when she ends up winning the race and becoming the fastest runner in fifth grade. However, these two soon form a deep friendship as they spent time in their special place: Terabithia. Jess will learn many life lessons as he enjoys this friendship and its struggles.

Story Line

Life Application

There is a lot of life application here. I think that through this book, I can realize the value of a good friend to be there. It also shows how children deal with death, which could happen once I am a teacher. Sometimes, too, we take off with our obsessions and leave our friends behind, as Jess did with Miss Edmonds. When we do that, we leave our friends alone, and that can have terrible consequences.

Use in Classroom

I think this book could be used in the classroom because it shows how important it is for kids to have a good friend or two. I also thought it was valuable to see how Leslie went and talked to Janice Avery, even though she as big and scary. Together, they were able to work through their problems and become friends. This book also has value because it teaches students to overcome fears. I think this would be a good book for students to read if there is ever some kind of death in the school, because it will help the kids understand that it is OK to grieve, and that there was nothing they could do about it. - AB