Carpe Diem
Autumn Cornwell


Vassar Spore has her life planned out and she has some very ambitious goals. It seems that all life depends on her achieving these goals and meeting up to her parent’s expectations. Everything seemed to be in order and going as planned until Grandma Gerd called from one of her adventures overseas. Vassar’s parents are blackmailed into having Vassar go spend the summer with her Grandma overseas in Southeast Asia. This of course ruins Vassar’s plans of AP Camps and becoming closer to reaching her goal of valedictorian. Vassar is so used to be in her little planned out world that she pretty much does not know how to live in the real world let alone in another country! Vassar has many adventures with her Asian cowboy bodyguard, her eccentric Grandma and the Natives that she encounters. But most of all Vassar learns how to live in the moment and she finds a new sense of contentment and adventure in it.

Story Line:


This would be a good book for adolescents growing up today to read. In our society there is so much pressure put on kids to succeed and in many ways they lose part of their childhood doing so. This book is a good reminder to enjoy the little things in life, live in the moment, and shows a families love. The many settings and situations that Vassar is in can also help open the reader’s eyes to different cultures and how their differences do not make them better/worse than us…simply different. - JK