Cheating Lessons
Nan Willard Cappo


Bernadette Terrell lives in a typical public high school… she is not popular, but she is one of the brainiacs, she is great on the debate team and has outstanding grades. She ends up getting on to Wickham High School’s state championship quiz bowl team. All is well for her, but she wonders how a few others in her class did well enough to make the team. She suspects someone cheated, but who and how? In her quest for answers she learns more than she wants to, and has to decide if she is responsible to rat someone out, and what will happen if she does.



I could really relate to this book. In high school I had to call out my entire class for cheating on an exam when the principal stepped out for a second. Everyone was upset with me, but I knew I did the right thing. This is also a good lesson for the students. Hard work can pay off, if Mr. Mallory had not cheated, the students were prepared enough that they could have won the bowl. Teamwork and hard work pay off, but cheating does not. It hurts those around you. - AF