The Longing
Beverly Lewis


Nellie and her family have always been Amish. However, recently, they have found joy in the gift of salvation and the assurance of eternal life with Jesus. This was not an easy thing for them, or for anyone in their Amish community, to accept. It goes against the things taught in the Old Order. It caused a great split in the church, and caught in the middle, Nellie and her beau are torn apart: Nellie accepting salvation, and her beau firmly rejecting it as heretical and prideful. Will Caleb ever find the joy Nellie has found, or will he find it too late, as his distant cousin becomes enamored with Nellie.

Story Line

Life Application

Everyone must choose what to believe on their own. They cannot believe one way just because it’s what a loved one wants them to believe. The power of prayer is extraordinary. When things look to be out of control and no hope is easily seen, God is still there and is still in control. God wants to hear our hearts’ deepest desires, He already knows them anyway. When we pray for specific things we get two things that are missed out on from general prayers. When our prayers are answered, we see them and give glory to God, and when we see them, our faith in increased.

Ideas for Use in Class

Studying the Amish would be a good way to educate students about different people groups while introducing them to Biblical principles. This book presents a lot of different interesting ideas on how people deal with differences. Some people shun those who don’t agree with them. Others try to ignore differences. And others accept people as they are but pray for their hearts to change. How to deal with differences is a very important thing for students to learn. - SM