Sand Dollar Summer
Kimberly Jones

“Don’t ever doubt that a mere second can change your life forever.” With summer coming Lise is extremely excited since finally settling in to her new town for both her art camp and rock climbing camp. Then her mom is seriously injured in a car accident, and once her mom comes home after a couple of weeks drops a bombshell. The three of them are going to a small island in Maine, where her mom grew up, for the summer so Lise’s mom can recuperate. So Lise, her five year brother Free, a mute by choice with no problems expressing himself, and their mom pack for a summer in Maine. Once there Lise starts to notice changes in her mother and in her eyes they are not for the better. Lise tries to adjust to the constant sand and water, lack of friends, and lack of anything familiar but just cannot seem to, and when Dr. Michael shows up from her mom’s past things are shaken up just a little bit more. Lise begins to adjust to her summer on the island making a couple of friends the most interesting of which is an old Passamaquaddy Native American named Ben and they develop a close relationship, and is even adjusting to Dr. Michael coming around the “shack” as deemed by Lise. Then just when things seem to be getting comfortable again hurricane Fern hits the island and Lise and her family are in for another trial.

I liked this story because anyone no matter what the age can relate to Lise’s desire to have everything as it used to be and having to adjust to a new place that you really do not want to be. I would recommend this novel to anyone especially students that are adjusting to any type of new environment. - AP