A.A. Milne

This book is actually a collection of classic Winnie-The-Pooh (or Pooh as he likes to be called for short) tales. Rather than being a longer story about just one topic.

The first story introduces us to Pooh and his friend Christopher Robin. This chapter starts Pooh off on his first adventure. In this story Pooh sets up a plan to get some honey from some bees and their hive. So Pooh makes himself to look like a little black rain cloud and has Christopher Robin saying, “Tut-tut, it looks like rain.” Will Pooh get his honey or fall to the ground like a rain drop?

In the second chapter Pooh goes to visit an old friend, Rabbit. Then ends up getting stuck in Rabbit’s front door after eating too much honey and condensed milk. Even with some strong pushing and pulling from Rabbit and Christopher Robin, Pooh’s fear is confirmed he is stuck so it is decided that they shall wait until Pooh becomes thin again. Will Pooh be able to get out of Rabbit’s front door?

In Pooh’s next adventure we are introduced to Pooh’s best friend Piglet. Who together try to catch a Woozle, which I think is a weasel it is never really defined. Pooh and Piglet follow the tracks of what they believe to be a Woozle. The two keep finding more and more tracks which make Pooh and Piglet wonder just how many Woozles they are hunting.

In another tale Eeyore celebrates his Birthday. The bad part is that no one has noticed! When Pooh talks to a very gloomy Eeyore and finds out that it is Eeyore’s Birthday and runs home to get him a pot of honey for a gift. On the way Pooh runs into Piglet and relays the news of Eeyore’s Birthday, then Piglet runs to his home to get a balloon for Eeyore’s Birthday. Will Eeyore get his gifts and have a Happy Birthday?

The book ends with a party for Pooh and things that he has done throughout the book. We also say goodnight to Pooh Christopher Robin, and all their friends in the forest.

As I read this book I sort of went back to when I was younger, and growing up watching Pooh and his friends on TV. While I was reading I sort of heard the stuttering of Piglet, the gloomy voice of Eeyore (my favorite), and the voice of Pooh in my head. This book is recommended for all ages, however because of the nature of the language I would read the stories to younger students. For independent readers I would place toward fifth grade.

- AP