Among the Hidden
Margaret Haddix


Luke does not exist. There is no record of his birth and there will be no record of his death. He has only seen four people before…ever and those people are the people he lives with. He lives in fear that his existence will be realized. Luke is a shadow child. In the society where he lives each family is only allowed to have two children. Luke is his family’s third child. Up until now he has never left his family’s property and because of a new housing development he is no longer allowed outside or near any windows. His existence is shallow. Will his life ever consist of more than this hiding and fear? Or will he simply pass through life with no record of his existence anywhere? And what would happen if he broke the rules?

Story Line

Among the Hidden

Among the Imposters


I absolutely loved these books and I am going to have to get a hold of the next book in the series soon. Normally, I do not enjoy fantasy but these books made this fantastical society come alive to me and I could feel the emotions going through these characters. I would definitely read these books to my students or recommend them to them. - JK