Ella Enchanted
Gail Carson Levine


Ella is a girl who was given a “gift” from a fairy when she was born that turned out to be much more of a curse than a gift. It was the gift of obedience. She was not able to refuse to do anything that someone told her to do when it was stated in command form. When she tried to refuse to obey a command she would become physically ill until, after a few minutes, she could do nothing but obey to stop the dizziness and illness. This caused her many problems, and her greatest desire was to be rid of this gift. To accomplish this, she went in search of the fairy who had given her this gift so that she could take it away. She encountered great trials in this quest and ultimately found that she, Ella, was the only one who could overcome the “gift”.

Story Line

Life Application

God has given us the freedom to choose to either obey or disobey Him. And He has given us the freedom of thought also. Without these freedoms we would be mere puppets. With this freedom we must strive to make right choices. This story also shows the power of self-sacrificial love.

Ideas for Use in Classroom

I would steer discussions toward the topics of freewill and the ability to make choices as well as the importance of obedience. I would ask the students how they would feel if they did not have choices or the ability to say no to someone. This could also lead into a discussion about peer pressure and the importance of standing up for your beliefs and values. - SM