Briar Rose
Jane Yolen


Becca and her two older sisters grew up hearing the story of Sleeping Beauty (Briar Rose). Their Gemma (grandmother) would always tell them the story. When they grew older, Becca was the only one who would go sit by her Gemma’s bedside at the nursing home and listen to her Gemma tell the story. Gemma told it a little differently than most children are used to, but it was always the same—she was Briar Rose. Before Gemma dies, she makes Becca (a reporter for a local newspaper) promise to find out the true story—their family history. In the hunt for her grandmother’s true story and identity, Becca learns more than just family history.



I really do not feel like it relates to me. I was not drawn into the story as I have been with others in the past. I can see it being used in high school though to teach children about the holocaust and the horrors people faced then. It gives a very distinctive twist on the Sleeping Beauty story, including mystery, romance, and the realistic evils of the world. - MM