Left Behind
Tim LaHaye

Fantasy and Science Fiction are not the reading genres I would normally choose to read from; however, for the purposes of this assignment and to culture and make myself more well versed in the world of literature, I have selected a book of this nature. The Left Behind >The Kids series is a futuristic exciting view of the end times from a child’s perspective. Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye really capture the emotion of a young tribulation force from small town Wisconsin. Main characters Mark, Judd, Vicki, and Loinel come face to face with the Global Community Ambush as they advance on the Antichrist’s army only to find themselves in greater danger than they ever could have imagined!

The Tribulation Force had set up in a discreet cave just outside of Petra, which was the center for Nicholae Carpathia (better known as the Antichrist) ‘s top secret meetings and control centers. One member of the Force had found a way to hack into Carpathia’s most incriminating files, including video feeds over official gatherings and---they had even managed to voice simulator to break through voice activated firewalls! These kids are all fighting against the evil schemes of the antichrist, and for their efforts are constantly being sought after by the Global Community Ambush---each one knows that if they are caught, it was more than probable that they would lose their lives. In their many confrontations with the malicious force the children display bravery and a real heart for their heavenly father. These books can really show kids what it means to sacrifice for Jesus, and can really put their faith to the test. They raise the question ‘do you really love God enough to stand firm through it all, even the possibility of death?’ I wouldn’t let a small child read this, or even one that was especially sensitive, because they do tend to get a little graphic. At one point the trib-force is ambushed and a girl is captured and executed over public television by way of beheading---it doesn’t go into explicit detail, but it is enough to make a squeamish person like myself a little freaked out. This detail is good and portrays what the author intends it to do; however, is not for the eyes of youngsters. The antichrist made an example of the girl and really shows the dedication of the kids in the book, demonstrating a faith that most of us in America will never be forced to test.

As the story continues through the bizarre and cruel things that the antichrist and the rest of the Global Community Ambush do to try to get the Christians to renounce their faith, the reader is kept on the edge of their seat waiting to see how those kids will get out of the next bind. The storyline is sure to keep the intermediate reader in suspense. - KH