Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
Robert C. O’Brien

One morning Mrs. Frisby (a field mouse), sets out to find some breakfast for her children after a long winter. After finding a stump full of corn, peanuts, and dried mushrooms for her and her children (Teresa, Martin, Cynthia, and Timothy). Mrs. Frisby calls her children for breakfast they all come except for one her youngest son Timothy. Her other children inform her that he is sick. So Mrs. Frisby goes to check on him and finds him warm to the touch yet Timothy tells her he is cold, feeling dizzy, and having issues breathing. Worried about Timothy’s health Mrs. Frisby goes to see Mr. Ages who after hearing Timothy’s symptoms diagnoses him with pneumonia. Mr. Ages then gives Mrs. Frisby medicine for the child and tells her to keep wrapped in blankets and indoors for at least three weeks.

This presents a problem because spring is coming and along with it the plow! Mrs. Frisby and her children live in a cinder block in the garden of Fitzgibbon’s farm. This puts their home in serious danger of being harmed by the plow! On her way back from Mr. Ages Mrs. Frisby meets up with a crow (Jeremy) in trouble and end up helping him out. In return Jeremy advises Mrs. Frisby to go see the Great Owl (a very wise bird who lives in the forest and supposedly knows the answers to almost everything).

The Owl then advises Mrs. Frisby to go see the Rats in the Rosebush to help her with the issue with her home. Once she gets into the rats facility, Mrs. Frisby learns about the Rats of NIMH and exactly what happened to the Rats when they were at the laborites of NIMH and exactly what happened to her husband Jonathan that previous summer and how helped the rats escape. Will the rats be able to help get Mrs. Frisby and her family to safety? - AP