Hattie Big Sky
Kirby Larson


Hattie had never had a home of her own. As an orphan, she has been shuffled around to various family members so when a surprising letter arrives her mundane life is turned upside down. An uncle she has never known has died and he left her all he owned including a homestead in Montana. Excited to escape her life with Aunt Ivy and ready for an adventure Hattie sets out for the unsettled west! When she arrives things are not as she expected. Life is hard and Hattie soon learns what it means to work hard, love hard and belong.

Story Line:


I really enjoyed this book. The simple descriptions of life as a homesteader during WWI are very realistic. I enjoyed going through all the emotions with Hattie as she goes through joys and hardships. The book is a great historical account for children as to what it was like for this people and the way the author depicts Hattie she seems like a very normal girl who you come to love and cheer for. One thing that was hard about this book was the way it ended. I would have liked a little more resolution but that is just my preference. - JK