A Year Down Yonder
Richard Peck


It was 1937 and recession had hit the United States once again. Mary Alice is fifteen and has to spend a year with her grandmother while her family found work to get money. Leaving her Chicago city ways, she is forced to live like a ‘hick’ in southern Illinois with her grandmother. While she is there she has to decide if she is going to roll with the punches and fit in or if she will live a year in misery and self-pity.



I never had to transfer schools, other than the transition from high school to college, but I can relate to new situations and having to overcome obstacles to get people to trust and respect you. Mary Alice learns to love and appreciate her grandmother for what she does. She is not as mean as everyone makes her out to be. This book would be good for the classroom, it teaches the students not to assume things about people, but to get to know them before deciding to like or hate them. - AF