Fever: 1793
Laurie Halse Anderson

Everything seemed to be pretty monotonous for Mattie Cook. She was subjected to her mother’s constant criticism and authoritarian ways. Something happens that will change Mattie’s little world forever, the fever. The yellow fever starts plaguing Philadelphia that fall during some of the hottest months not caring who its victims are and ravaging the city causing mass chaos. At first, Mattie is able to keep the chaos outside of the four walls of her family’s coffeehouse but suddenly without warning it penetrates them and now Mattie is forced to leave her home which sends her into many morbid adventures. How will Mattie respond when fever strikes close? And how will she survive when all hope seems to be dying?

This book would be great to read in the classroom because of all the historical context. Several of our country’s founding fathers are mentioned. I think students would enjoy having history come alive in this way and there are many different aspects of history and the story that could be elaborated on with various activities and methods. I think this book’s historical context as well as its realistic nature make it both appealing to readers and educational. - JK