Gary Paulsen


Slavery is coming to an end with the end of the civil war. Just days before the end of the war, Sarny’s two young children are taken from her by her slave master. As soon as her master dies and she is freed, she begins walking to town to find where her children are. Accompanied by Lucy, a young girl from her plantation, she discovers where her children are and seeks to find them. Along the way she meets Miss Laura, who changes her life forever. Will Sarny ever find her children? Will she, now being free from slavery, be able to make a difference in the world?

Story Line

Life Application

This book is all about overcoming prejudices. It reminds me of going against the flow – doing what I know is right, even when persecutions come. This reminds me of many of the books I have read in the past about how blacks have had to learn to live after being freed.

Use in Classroom

This book would be good in the classroom to discuss what happened to blacks after they were freed. Students could learn to think critically about what freeing the slaves did to the economy. Students also can see what the KKK did to people. Also, the students can understand that, even though they me against the culture – someone of little significance according to them – they can make a huge impact in this world. Each person is put here for a reason. - AB