Torn Thread
Anne Isaacs

Annotated Bibliography

Eva lives with her Papa and her sister, Rachel in the ghetto of Bedzin, after being forced there by the Nazis. When Rachel is suddenly taken from them in a raid, Eva’s Papa does everything he can to find out where she is. When he finds out that Rachel is in a camp working at a factory, he sends Eva there, hoping to keep her safe. Eva beings a two year stay at Parschnitz Internment Camp, working every day at a uniform factory in Trutnov. She has been very blessed, but she and Rachel still face many trials. Throughout the hardships, Eva’s faith in God carries her through. Will He come to their rescue?

Story Line

Personal Application

This book reminded me how I need to be sure to place my complete faith in God, even in the midst of hard times. Girls all around Eva were telling her to give up her faith in God – He had abandoned them. But Eva would not give up. She was still confident God was protecting her. I need to be the same way – to place my faith in God, even though I do not know what He is doing or why I might be going through a hard time.

Use in Classroom

I think this book would be a very good book to use in the classroom – especially while studying WWII. This book not only tells a detailed, real-life story of two girls in an internment camp, but also portrays a great picture of God that I would not be able to share in a public school. I think that the students would realize that God was there and He was working. I can see this being the topic of some very deep conversations. I would definitely want to use this book for those purposes. - AB