Day of Tears
By: Julius Lester


“Day of Tears” is a novel in dialogue that is during the slavery period. The main character in the story is a black slave girl named Emma. She is only twelve years old when this book starts. She lives as a slave with her mom and dad at the Butler’s plantation. At the young age of twelve, Emma’s responsibilities are great. She takes care of the who little girls in the house because their parents got divorced and the girls live at the plantation with their father for ten months out of the year. Upon taking Emma to the slave auction, so that she could watch Sarah (one of Master Butler’s girls) someone made a good offer on Emma and the master sold her. The rest of the story consists of tells about Emma’s life and includes flashbacks from different people in her life looking back on the events that took place.

Story- Line:

I totally loved this book. I think it would be a great book to use in a classroom for any grades. It shows the reality of how slaves used to live and how during that time there were still some white people risking their lives to help the slaves. It is an easy read book and could be used for many different lesson units. It could be really fun to do even as a school play since it is in dialog form. I would recommend this book to anyone! - EM