The House On Mango Street
Sandra Cisneros


Esperanza has moved many times in her life. She always dreamed of living in a house, but when her family moves into the house on Mango Street, she is sorely disappointed. She chooses not to think of it as their family’s first house, but just a place where she lives and cannot wait to get out of. As you read you hear various stories that build the characters and character of life on Mango Street.


The story line is rather sporadic. At times you feel she is merely a child and others, she is a teen. It is kind of frustrating to try to follow.


I really could not relate to the book and frankly did not enjoy it. I mean each person’s neighborhood has its own quirks, but I never really got involved in mine. However, I can see how many people could relate to and enjoy it. She uses a lot of description and just lays out the life on Mango Street. Each little story could potentially be a part of the story of the lives of the children I will see in my classroom. I would recommend it for students in middle school, and maybe upper elementary. - AF