Parvana’s Journey
Deborah Ellis

Parvana is a girl in war torn Afghanistan who is left to fend for herself. Dressed as a boy to escape the stipulations of the Taliban her father has recently died and she is in search for her mother and he rest of her family. With no food and scarce provisions she wanders around the countryside. First she finds a baby in an abandoned village and starts taking care of him. Next she finds a mysterious young boy who has lost a leg and is hiding in a cave. The three of them find a young girl in what seems to be a safe place. The four of them band together to survive. Will they make it in the end?

This book is a great story to help children understand and empathize with some current events that are happening in the world today. I think this would be a wonderful book for children to read because it helps them realize what is like for other children in the world today. Parvana teaches a story of hope in the direst of circumstances and shows what it is to have camaraderie with those that we are around. I think teachers could use this book in multiple contexts: for history, multicultural purposes etc. I would definitely recommend Parvana’s journey to any teacher or child, its very thought provoking and tugs on the heart strings. - JK